4 Year Old Group – RAINBOWS

When appropriate, we run an indoor outdoor program where the children are able to choose where they play according to their own interests. Our playground allows for outdoor play even during extremes of weather due to sheltered play spaces.

Educators support and scaffold the children’s learning through their interests.

We have extensive experience working with children with additional needs or disabilities.

We have a ratio of one adult to eleven children and cap our groups at 22 children.

For those families with a Health Care Card fees are at a greatly reduced rate.

Kate – Teacher

Kate has had the pleasure of working with children since 2011. She has completed her Certificate 111, Diploma, and Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies.  Kate promotes a classroom environment where children are given time, space, and opportunity to learn through exploring a range of engaging activities and learning experiences. She understands children possess different learning styles, and that each learning journey is valuable and unique.  Kate believes a focus during four year old kindergarten is in supporting children in developing positive social skills, resilience, emotional understanding, and independence which creates a strong foundation for future learning. Kate recognises each family is the ‘specialist’ when it comes to their child, and values opportunities to form positive partnerships with families to support their child’s learning.

Jo – Educator

Jo has worked at LJMPS since 2000. She has been an integration aide and has worked with the 3’s and the 4’s.
Jo loves being an educator and watching the children grow and develop their minds to explore new ideas and find confidence within themselves. Her favourite learning experiences are messy art & play, cooking, and designing dramatic play areas that involve the children’s ideas & voices.
Jo lives locally and has a great connection with families and the community of Belgrave South. Outside of kinder her love for her family, lifelong friends and going to the beach keeps her grounded.

Kylie – Educator

Kylie completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education in 2020 and is passionate about providing excellent care and education to children. Kylie believes children learn through play, so she likes to provide opportunities for children to explore, discover and create. She values each child is an individual and aims to identify their strengths and interests. Helping to further develop and extend these interests through play opportunities. Kylie enjoys music and movement, and encourages children to become involved. She recognises the importance of developing positive connections with each child, knowing that children learn best when they feel safe and secure, giving confidence to explore and try new ideas.

Sue – Educator

Sue has worked for more than 30 years in Early Childhood, completing Cert 111 and Diploma qualifications. She has worked in a variety of settings over the years: Educator in 4 year old groups, Early Intervention, Educator and Teacher in 3 year old groups. Her career in Early Childhood began at Len Jeffrey as a reliever where her passion for play based learning was nurtured and inspired. Life seems to have come full circle and here she is again, with a little more knowledge and a greater belief and love for Early Childhood Education. Sue believes that children will embrace a love for learning when they are comfortable and confident in their environment which should be developmentally appropriate with predictable routines and expectations allowing the child to take ownership of their learning. The most important value that we can give a child is their “Self-worth”: they feel that their ideas are valued, that we have heard them and understand them.

3 Year Old Group – BLUE STARS 

Our program runs according to the dynamics of the group. At the beginning of the year we like to encourage the children to play and eat all together. As the year progresses we may change to an indoor/outdoor program depending on the needs of the children.

Educators support and scaffold the children’s learning through their interests.

We have extensive experience working with children with additional needs or disabilities.

We have a ratio of one adult to eleven children and cap our groups at 20 children.

Leah – Teacher & Director/Educational Leader

Leah has been in the early childhood sector since 2007, completing her Certificate 111, Diploma and Advanced Diploma as she worked within the Early Years sector and in 2014 completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies. Leah not only loves teaching our 3 year old stars, but mentoring our teaching team. She believes that play is a child’s work and that learning occurs during developmentally appropriate, child-centred experiences. Leah believes that children learn concepts best when they are meaningful and relevant to them. She provides an atmosphere that is welcoming, challenging and engaging for all children. Leah offers a holistic approach to our programs that are dynamic, inclusive, child centred, flexible and high quality. Within our programs Leah places great importance on respect and care; both for others, our world and ourselves.  

Abby – Teacher

Abby has worked in early childhood since 2009. After completing her Diploma she worked across long day care and most recently sessional 4 year old kindergarten. Abby completed her Bachelors of Early Childhood teaching in 2023. She is a firm believer that a child’s family is their first teacher and is able to recognise how important it is for educators to form a positive partnership in order to provide a high standard of care and education for the children. Abby follows a strength based teaching approach and allows children’s voices to be heard in regards to the curriculum being offered. She respects inclusive practices and values each child individually. Abby really enjoys reading stories to the children and learning lots of new songs and dances. In her spare time, Abby loves spending time with her 2 daughters and husband, collecting indoor plants and making homemade pizza.

Sylvie – Educator

Sylvie has been an educator at Len Jeffrey since 2018. Over her time as an educator she has always worked with 3 year olds and has an understanding of their stages and personalities. Three year old kinder is often the first step a child takes in their educational journey and Sylvie tries to make each child feel welcome and comfortable.
She encourages natural inquisitiveness and builds confidence by taking small steps to attain a skill that might initially seem daunting.
Sylvie enjoys having fun with the children while learning through play, expanding on their interests and helping them navigate the path of social interaction between peers. She places importance on the values of respect, consideration, kindness and learning to do things independently.